4pm Sat 5/25, New Contact Names and Numbers

GROUND SEARCH: The search for Chris Dennis continues today with teams going out from Sheldrake Point on the west side of Cayuga Lake http://goo.gl/maps/nFQRm. Please meet there to receive instructions on where to search.

If you have any questions or information please call or email our new contacts:

Lowell Chamberlain: 607-229-4802, lowc11@yahoo.com
Jane Mt. Pleasant: 607-351-8207, jm21@cornell.edu

Search teams will be going out all afternoon, with the last team going out at 6:00pm, returning by 7:00pm. Remember to dress warmly and wear closed toed shoes.

WATER SEARCH: Search boats have been canvassing the lake today with nothing yet to report. Please do not go out by private boat today. The water is very rough because of high winds.

Thank you to all those who have helped in the search and coordinated the sharing of information and donations of food and water. There are plenty of supplies for volunteers at the moment, but more may be needed in the future.

For non-emergencies you can still contact: searchforchrisdennis@gmail.com