More Help Needed Sunday, 5/26

GROUND SEARCH: Volunteers are meeting at 10am at Sheldrake Point. Please join us in the search today for Chris Dennis along the western shore of Cayuga Lake. If you come later in the day, check in with the coordinators at Sheldrake Point to receive instructions.

WATER SEARCH: Once again, because of high winds, kayaks are not allowed unless taken out by someone professionally trained wearing a wetsuit.

Chris’s family and friends are extremely grateful for the support of a caring community. The search is ongoing and law enforcement is committed to continue at least through Monday, as are volunteers. If you have any questions or information please call or email our contacts:

Donations are being collected to help the Dennis family fund a private search. You can give through Paypal at the link below or by cash or check by emailing Every little bit helps. Thank you.

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